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Go to our Facebook or Instagram to enter to win our Feasters Foods Shrimp Boil Package for 5!


2 lbs Easy Peel Shrimp

3 lbs Smoked Sausage

2lbs Red Potatoes

10pieces of Super Sweet Corn

1 box of Zatarains Crab Boil Seasoning

On sale this week for 34.99!

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Savings start now!

5 lbs All White Meat Mini Chicken Tenders- 10.99

5lbs Lean Ground Beef- 15.99

3 lbs Breaded Butterfly Shrimp- 19.99

Package of the week

Feasters Foods Package #2

5 lbs Chicken Wings

2 / 8 oz Boneless Ribeye Steaks

3lbs Smoked Sausage

All Beef Quarter Pound Burgers 10 ct

All for only 49.99

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Feasters Foods will be getting a shipment of 5 lb Cleaned Pork Chitterlings in tomorrow!!

Price will be 29.99 per bag!

Cases come 9-5 lb bags for 268.00

We are allowing our Spaces Members Only to pre order! Call us today to reserve yours!


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